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Message from the Headmaster

Welcome to one of the most stimulating private schools in Cornwall

Did you really love your school or was it a place you couldn't wait to leave when the time came?
I want both to be true when children move on from our school. They will be sad to leave good friends and a place where they have been immensely happy, but they will also be itching to go. They will be more than ready. We will have given them a foundation for being leaders for life based on the values, experiences and education they have experienced in our school community.
GEMS Bolitho School exists to serve the needs of its students locally and the wider international community during and beyond the school day. The aim of our school is to provide both day and boarding pupils with a general education of excellence in all areas. The school aims to develop, in a disciplined and caring environment, the intellectual, cultural, spiritual, physical and social capacities of all its students, and to encourage and nurture their individual talents and abilities. It further aims to develop a responsibility to our community by demanding high personal standards and encouraging constructive citizenship and consideration for others.
There is an immediate sense of purpose evident in each new student who arrives. The high aspirations that every student brings are matched by a determination by all staff that each student not merely reaches, but exceeds the expectations of his or her parents. The enduring uniqueness of GEMS Bolitho is in its mission to promote and ensure the development of international citizens for the twenty-first century through a curriculum which allows this to actually happen. We measure this beyond school, maintaining our relationships so we know how successful they have been in their first year out of school.
The key differences between GEMS Bolitho School and other schools are clearly defined and measurable. We ensure that students acquire an international outlook; all are challenged to develop a generosity alongside steely determination, to feel responsibility for running their own and each other’s lives to the point where they want to make a real difference in the world.
The evidence for success in these respects is clear. You will find our students invariably happy, successful and receptive to others and other communities. We offer an education that caters for all children, treats them as individuals and considers what they can do for the world as well as what they may need from it. We have a real sense of mission about what we do and being part of that mission, for students and teachers, is as exhilarating as it is rewarding.
All our students, as they move through the school, learn through experience rather than simple instruction, appreciating that they are fires to be lit rather than vessels to be filled. All students are given a high level of responsibility, both to manage their own lives and to play a real part in running the school. We seek to develop the whole person, and thus prepare our students to contribute effectively to the modern world. We do this by fostering their talents and aspirations and encouraging them to achieve their full potential through the provision of a wide range of educational opportunities in intellectual, recreational and moral endeavour both within and outside the classroom.
Learning is no longer about simply accruing knowledge. If our children are to succeed in today’s world we need to do more than teach them what we know. They must have a learning capacity to go far beyond our knowledge and experience. They must think critically, be able to analyse evidence and devise new pathways and solutions.
Gordon McGinn


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